Top Five Accessory Essentials

Here at Believer, we love accessories. They can pull any outfit together! If you have a bland outfit, all you need to do is throw on some accessories and your outfit transforms. Accessories help make your outfits look intentional and luxurious. So you may be wondering, what are some must-have accessories that are versatile? Here are our top five accessory essentials. 


#1 Go-To Necklace

One of the most important jewelry pieces is a necklace. They have the power to bring any look together instantly. One of our favorites is the Mary Layered Necklace because it’s 3 in 1. You get the layered look effortlessly. 

Layered Necklace:


#2 Satin Scarves

If you are looking for a unique and versatile accessory, look no further, a satin scarf will become your best friend. There are numerous ways you wear a satin scarf. Around your head, as a head band, as a hair tie, around your neck, on a bag, around your wrist, and so many more. You can even wear it as a top! A satin scarf is by far the most versatile accessory you can have.

Perfect Silk Scarf:


#3 A Chic Pair of Sunglasses

Sun glasses make any look instantly cooler, which is why you need a chic pair of sunglasses that will pull any look together. A black or tortoise shell pair will be the most versatile. Choose which ever shape best fits your face and personal style, and boom! You look cool and put-together!

Black Aviators:

Chic Tortoise Shell:


#4 A Classic Pair of Hoops

Everyone needs a classic hoop in their jewelry collection. They go with any style, any look, and always bring together an outfit. If you don’t know what earrings to pair with an outfit, always go with a classic hoop.

Small Chunky Hoops:

Thin Medium Hoops:


#5 Everyday Bag

Everyone has their everyday bag, but is it really doing anything for your outfit? Invest in a nice bag that is chic, fits everything you need it to, and is versatile. A brown or black bag is the best way to go for an everyday bag. 

The perfect everyday bag:


Accessories can make or break a look, with this curated top-five accessory essentials list, every look will be effortlessly polished and stylish!