Introducing: Believer

Believer accessories fashion pieces for and by history making women

Say hello to Believer, a brand made by and for history making women.  

Believer launched on October 5th with many luxury accessories such as  earrings, necklaces, rings, and scarves. All of the pieces are named after  history making women: Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle, Harriet Tubman,  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, AOC, Michelle Obama, Joan of Arc, Laila Ali, Bessie  Coleman, Breonna Taylor, Angela Davis, Coco Chanel, Frida Kahlo, Serena  Williams, Mother Theresa, Zora Neale Hurtson, Toni Morrison, Eve,  Carmen Miranda, Iman, Issa Rae, Queen Latifa, Mary, Naomi Campbell,  Nina Simone, and Rosa Parks.  

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the first female members of the  Democratic Socialists of America to serve in Congress. Oprah Winfrey  transformed talk shows and has helped so many people creating foundations  and programs for many communities. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second  woman to serve on the Supreme Court and was a strong voice for women’s  rights, gender equality, and civil rights.  

These women went through so much, stood up, and fought for everything  they achieved. While making history these inspirational women have made  the world a better place for the rest of us by fighting the odds against them.  Believer was inspired by them. These pieces were made for you to look  amazing while making history and accomplishing your goals. 

Believer has all of your go-to accessories, perfect for work and socializing. If you’re going out right after work, you don’t even need to switch your jewelry when wearing Believer because it’s that versatile.  

From a casual day out with your friends, to a stylish work outfit, to an edgy  look for a night out on the town, Believer can do it all.  

For a more casual outfit, you can pair the Sojourner silk scarf with the Teresa  gold dome ring, the Angela double ball gold ring, the Issa initial necklace, and  finish it off with the Harriet matte gold hoop earrings. 

sojourner silk scarf Believer accessories

If you’re headed to work, tying the Sojourner silk scarf around your neck will  give you an instant classy and sophisticated look. Pair it with the Nina link  earring, red lip and you’re good to go!

believer accessories for history making women sojourner silk scarf believer

Maybe you’re going out to dinner and want to go for an edgy look, all black  and a touch of leather is the way to go. Adding a silk scarf and beautiful gold  jewelry such as the Meghan small hoops and Issa initial necklace will finish  the look off perfectly. 

Sojourner silk scarf Believer

Believer’s first launch includes twenty pairs of chic earrings. They include many different styles of hoops, ear cuffs, and dangly earrings. The styles have  a wide range from simple and classy to statement pieces.

Believer offers six necklaces, both silver and gold pieces. Many options are  layered pieces such as the Mary layered gold necklace, perfect for an effortless yet styled look. 

The first collection by Believer also includes six rings. All of these styles come  in silver and gold so you can wear them with any outfit. There are simple  pieces such as the Teresa dome ring or the Oprah mesh ring, and a statement  ring like the Angela double ball ring.  

Believer also launched six unique silk and satin scarves. These scarves are very versatile. For a more professional and sophisticated look, you can tie it around  your neck. For a casual outfit, you can wear a scarf as a cute and trendy top. 

You can also wear it as a hair, wrist, or purse accessory. With items as versatile as these, the possibilities are endless.

These pieces were carefully designed to be able to transition between day and  night, and any other occasions. Believer is an effortless way to accessorize, all  of the pieces you’ll need are here. If you have no time to meticulously pick  out a stunning outfit everyday, simply throw on a few of these pieces and walk  out of the door. Believer will give you a fashionable and put together look in no time.  Believer is for the powerful working woman who wants to look like it. For the  women who are busy making. Believer is for bad ass women.