How To Care For Your Jewelry & Silk Scarves

We know you have been loving all of your Believer pieces, but do you want to know how to take care of them and make them last forever? All of Believer’s jewelry pieces are of high quality and durability because most pieces are 14k gold plated, but that doesn’t mean you should wear them swimming all the time. While they will be fine over time you may wear the pieces down. Believer’s silk and satin scarves are ever-so popular, but they have special requirements when caring for them too. To help keep all of your jewelry looking as fresh as the day you got them, follow these tips

Tip #1

Try to stay out of the water while wearing your Believer pieces. We do not recommend getting your jewelry pieces wet, maybe light water only on rare occasions. To keep them in good condition, we recommend taking off all of your Believer pieces before swimming in chlorine or salt water. 

Tip #2

Store your jewelry pieces in a place where they won’t rub any hard substances. The great thing about Believer is that every single jewelry piece you purchase comes with its own soft jewelry bag. This is the perfect place to store your jewelry pieces. We recommend storing your piece in these soft bags separate, one jewelry piece per bag so they don’t rub onto each other. This will help keep your jewelry pieces looking amazing for years.

Tip #3 

I you feel you need to clean your jewelry, there are several ways you can go about this. However, we recommend that you can gently wipe your jewelry pieces down with a soft cloth. Remember to be gentle and remove your jewelry if you are doing something where your jewelry could become dirty or damaged.  

Tip #4 

Apply lotion and perfume before putting on your jewelry. Wait until everything is completely absorbed before putting on any of your Believer jewelry pieces. This is so that the chemicals do not interact with the jewelry. 

Tip #5

Some of the most popular pieces from Believer are the silk and satin scarves, but how do you wash them? We don’t recommend putting them in the washer, hand washing them will help them last. Soak the scarves in cold water with a mild silk-friendly detergent quickly, then swish it gently. Make sure you do not soak your scarves for a long time, only a few seconds. After that, rinse it and ball it up to remove the excess water. Then lay it out flat to dry. The best place to store your silk and satin scarves is hanging in your closet. By following these tips, your Believer scarves will keep you looking fashionable for a long time! 

If you use these tips, all of your Believer pieces will stay fresh for years to come so you can still rock them. All of the materials of Believer pieces are listed on the website if you desire any more information, the most important thing to remember is to keep them in the cloth bag and remove them when necessary. Taking care of your accessories is important so you can keep all of your favorite Believer pieces forever.